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A tale of two cludgies

As the season really starts to get underway, it becomes increasingly tricky to get any maintenance or improvements done to the apartments. The changeover time is taken up by.. well, changeovers! Fresh bedding, cleaning, a bit of tidying up of the garden perhaps, water all the flowers….it’s all go.

However, we have managed to do half of a much needed tidy up of the little cellar,( the outside toilet in another life ) opposite the door in Cosy Corner. This now houses the washing machine, which leaves more space in the kitchen of course, but this ” laundry” room can also take wet jackets, wellies, bucket and spades, and Nordic Walking Poles, if you’re that way inclined!!

Disappointingly, the lovely cornflower blue floor paint has stubbornly refused to stick in one corner. That’s a job for a weekend in July, when Mr Millport Breaks and myself will be in situ. The window also needs repaired, and we will be putting some shelving up. However for the moment, the washing machine is now plumbed in, which will be a big help for our visitors, I’m sure.

The instantly recognisable Suki ,our resident cludgie cleaner on the Isle, continues her blog vlog ;

which is a heartwarming tale of one woman’s battle against crystalised urine on the men’s urinalsĀ  šŸ˜‰

but she also does a fantastic job keeping our much needed public toilets open ,clean, and welcoming. Well worth a visit, even if you don’t need a wee!!