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another season draws to a close..

As expected, all three flats have been busy over the summer holidays, and I seem to have spent a good deal of time washing the same duvet covers and ironing them in my very own Groundhog Day scenario…..I usually watch Netflix as I iron, – nearly burnt the covers a few weeks ago, I was  so engrossed in The OJ Simpson story!!

I’ve got some later bookings this year in Cosy Corner, possibly due to the lure of the wood burner, so we will still be ticking over next month in all flats. I’m trying not to close for too long, but we will have to take a few days to paint the bedroom ,and to put new flooring down.

The flooring was part of the ” rolling refurb ” idea that we have adopted for some years now- every winter something is replaced, or improved. This means of course that not everything can be renewed every year. However I was really hurt and dismayed to have a very poor review from a lady who complained bitterly that the carpet was not to her stringent standards. The carpet was laid in 2013, and Sammy and I wash it regularly with my carpet shampooer. I think partly I was hurt because we do our best to provide homely and clean accomodation, rather than 5* luxury. and partly I was hurt because some of the comments were incredibly personal. The review stuck out like a sore thumb among the lovely 25 or so good ones I’ve had so far for Cosy Corner.

Reviews are, surely, supposed to give future guests an idea of what they’re coming to. Useful and constructive criticism, helpful ideas to improve ..sure. Pejorative and subjective dismissal of all our efforts are not welcome or helpful. Perhaps people forget ,as they blast out a ringing attack on an owner and a property, that they are damaging a small business, sometimes irrevocably.

We always ask that if there’s a problem, people tell us. We will always do our best to put things right. So before you write that stinging review for a restaurant, or a holiday cottage, ask yourself if you’ve given the owner a chance to put it right? There’s a real person behind that business!

My old mum used to say ” If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all ” Maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea.

Anyway. I’ve chalked it down to one of those things, and put it behind me!  🙂 Onwards and upwards, and we will be putting nice new hard flooring down, so I’m sure dog owners will appreciate that even more!