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Hello 8A Kelburn st

When we sold number 44 in November, we wondered for a few weeks what best to do with the profit. Coincidentally, we passed by a rather unlovely and very tiny flat in Kelburn street, at Kames Bay, just as we were wondering………and you can guess the rest.

8A used to be the Bay Grocers shop , or at least one side of it. According to the deeds, it was all one shop up until the early 1950s. The delightfully named Eustacia Marquis owned it at that point, but the building dates back to at least 1835. Miss Marquis decided to sell part of the shop, and it was turned into a tiny flat, with a sea view over to Kames bay. The other side, continued to be Bay Grocers until some time around 2010, and then that too was sold, renovated and turned into a flat. so many of the shops in Millport have succumbed to this fate. A look at the old photos of the 1940’s and before shows a rash of awnings right along the seafront promenade. It’s sad to see the shops disappearing, but I suppose that’s the way of many High streets..

Anyway, our flat is taking a long time to sort out. It was extremely damp, and the windows had failed. Planning permission, and listed building consent has had to be sought to replace these, and tidy up the scruffy outside. Mr Millport Breaks and I have spent many weekends knocking soggy plaster off walls, and bagging it all up, to be carried off the island in rubble sacks.

I do think it will be worth it though. I must stop buying stuff for it off Ebay . I really must.