Millport Breaks Holiday Apartments, Isle of Cumbrae
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Slow and steady wins the race

Well, I hope it does anyway. Progress on the flat in Kelburn street has been slow, I have to admit. Painstakingly, we have stripped off the old plaster, removed the laths behind, and bagged it all up. Every single thing has to leave the island in the back of the car, because there’s no tip, and no space for a skip. Week after week, covered in plaster dust, we emptied it out at the tip outside Largs. Weeks of back breaking bagging , as we revealed dodgy electrical work, plumbing leaks, and structural anomalies.

We wondered aloud at the odd mish mash of door lintels, boarded up wood work…… was this the store room for the original 1830 shop, or actually part of the shop? Why were there two fireplaces if so?

The windows took ages to arrive. Finally ,though, they’re in and look splendid.

Still no bathroom yet though. Hopefully by the end of next week, which will make staying there a possibility!