Millport Breaks Holiday Apartments, Isle of Cumbrae
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Goodbye number 7

It’s been a bit of a difficult year, but hopefully we’re on our way back to some sort of economic recovery! After a bit of humming about, we decided that we would put Cosy Corner on the market and try and streamline things a bit.

We could see that property was moving quickly, and insead of the usual thirty or so properties for sale on the island, there were about thirteen. As soon as one came on the market, another one sold, so it was clear demand was high.

It was a bit of a wrench. Cosy Corner was the first apartment bought, and I can still remember the absolute joy and excitement as I marked off the days till contracts were exchanged, just before Xmas 2007. I remember going down on the train to get the keys and practically pinching myself to check it wasn’t a dream. I remember uncovering the beautiful Victorian fireplace in the bedroom, and getting carpets, and all the fun of getting it ready for us to use as a family. We used it extensively for about three years before deciding to also let it out to ( initially) friends and family, and then the wider public… and Millport Breaks was born.

But onwards and upwards. We fully intend to partially retire there, but not quite yet. ( No! I’m only a young thing!! ) So Cosy has sold on Friday ,and we wish the new owners all the happiness that the apartment has brought us. Who knows what’s next?