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Gooodbye Number 44!

The wee flat at number 44 has been sold, after quite a long time on the market. We’re sad to see it go- it was the second flat we bought, and it was rather unlovely at the time. A dated and hotch potch arrangement of old kitchen units, a water heater at the sink that was pre 1975…and made an interesting trumpet tune as you turned it on…

It was the flat we stayed in most though, after we had renovated it. Cosy Corner and then later on Rose Cottage always took the majority of the bookings, so if I was staying to do changeovers in these flats myself, I generally stayed in 44.

Because of this, it’s the flat I felt most attatched to, I think, and I’m sorry to see it go.

However, we have other plans afoot that will make sure we are kept busy in the next year. You’ll just have to wait to see what they are…..