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Nearly finished Part 1 !

The woodburner is in situ, and Mr Millport Breaks and I are thoroughly enjoying the warmth as we continue to redecorate.

Preparation is key, Mr MB always tells me, so while I’d much rather be choosing the paint colour, or hanging the curtains, I’m busy sanding woodwork every weekend, oh frabjous joy.

He’s busy papering- first an insulating paper, then a lining paper- nearly finished this bit! We think it will make the flat cosier , and less prone to condensation in corners.

While we stripped off the old paper, we came across some lovely old 30’s frieze along the top of the wall. This room was originally the kitchen, with a bed reccess for the maid probably!

We’ve taken lots of breaks for coffee ,soup, and giant breakfasts , in the Dancing Midge cafe, and also for a bit of foraging for kindling wood along the beach.

We will be taking a short break over Xmas, but will be continuing with the refit as soon as the festivities are over, and we will soon be turning our attention to the new kitchen…

And I’m still waiting….

Well they say the path of true love never runs smoothly, so I’m guessing it’s the same for woodburners….

The liners are proving very difficult to drop down the chimneys, due to some drips of mortar that have fallen down when the chimney’s were originally sealed up. The workmen referred to these as “wee snotters of mortar” which is both picturesque and revolting at the same time…

So all is on hold till the middle of next week.

This is a bit of a pain, as it holds everything else up, but hey ho, what can you do. Well you can stick your head up the chimney and pretend you’re an 19th century child, I suppose…..chris-up-chimney

The Woodburning Men are coming… look busy.


We spent most of this weekend putting things away, ready for the fireplace renovation. As you can see, the original is not a thing of beauty, being enormous and with the remnants of an old back boiler for the original range still in place. I can’t wait to get the whole thing pulled out, though various people have suggested I should save it and try and resell it.
Er, no, I don’t think so.
All the furniture has been dismantled, all the bedding has been put away, the carpet is rolled up, and we just await the arrival of the Woodburning Men ( sounds like a cult group, I think?) to arrive next week.
Pictures to follow.
We took a break, and had lunch in The Garrison – they do an excellent bowl of soup and a sandwich for about a fiver.
Then coffee in The Midge…. not wanting to leave anyone out….
I’ll be down next week to supervise the Woodburning Men, so watch this space!

It’s getting hot in here…….

Well we hope so anyway!

Over this winter, our flat in Crawford street will be getting a bit of a makeover, firstly the form of a new woodburner ,which will be installed in the living room. The bedroom fireplace will also be opened up and lined, but we anticipate that the living room fire will be the one most used.

A new kitchen will be next on the agenda, and we intend to reopen in time for Easter.

Crawford street is the flat we bought first, way back in 2007, and while we have redecorated a few times, renewed the bathroom fittings and changed the layout round a bit, this will be the most extensive refit we have done here. Mr Millport Breaks is looking forward to doing manly things involving chopping wood, and I’m looking forward to sitting in front of the fire with a glass of wine. We know our strengths….

So this weekend will be the start of clearing the flat out- it’s going to be a messy job!- and the fitters will be arriving mid October.

Rose Cottage and 44 George street will be open over the winter though, so you can still enjoy that weekend break away.

I’m still pondering wether to change the name of the Crawford st flat. Seaspray?  Cosy Corner Cottage?

We get lots of repeat guests, and I wouldn’t want to confuse anybody , but research shows new guests book something more readily if it has a “name ” rather than just an address.

Well, I can mull it over a bit as I pack away all the bedding, books and toys ready for the wood burner arriving.

Have a good weekend yourselves!crawfordYelloPillows920